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Engulfing Pattern (Date) 15 Symbol
See the chart
HAG,   PVS,   HPG,   VPB,   SHN,   EIB,   VJC,   PVE,   PV2,   RDP,   TV3,   MAC,   NAS,   PGD,   VPK,  
Piercing Pattern (Date) 22 Symbol
See the chart
STB,   ^VN30,   SBT,   SSI,   MBB,   SCR,   DXG,   OGC,   VCB,   VND,   FCN,   PVT,   VNM,   CTS,   HCM,   EVE,   PVI,   MPT,   VNH,   SGR,   AME,   EMC,  
Harami Pattern (Date) 5 Symbol
See the chart
FTS,   HNF,   BMC,   BIC,   DSN,  
Hammer Pattern (Date) 44 Symbol
See the chart
PVD,   HHS,   DLG,   HBC,   AAA,   GAS,   FTM,   NVB,   FMC,   LCG,   NT2,   MBS,   IBC,   DGW,   BFC,   TVN,   BCG,   C32,   SJF,   C47,   LCM,   DHM,   C69,   DHC,   HDG,   VDS,   DGC,   BMI,   BVS,   BHN,   LHC,   ADS,   TNA,   TMT,   VID,   HCC,   CLG,   PNC,   BTD,   VCF,   DMC,   HRT,   SPM,   AGM,  
Inverted Hammer Pattern (Date) 0 Symbol
Dragonfly Doji Pattern (Date) 18 Symbol
See the chart
HUT,   NVL,   PVV,   KSK,   KDM,   NHP,   PXL,   SJC,   ORS,   VAT,   UNI,   ACL,   HKT,   SDA,   CTF,   MTA,   CTX,   ABT,  
Morning Star Pattern (Date) 0 Symbol
Tweezer bottoms Pattern (Date) 6 Symbol
See the chart
SAM,   TDC,   APS,   LGL,   NAG,   DRL,  
Bearish Engulfing Pattern (Date) 1 Symbol
See the chart
Dark Cloud Cover Pattern (Date) 0 Symbol
Bearish Harami Pattern (Date) 1 Symbol
See the chart
Shooting Star Pattern (Date) 16 Symbol
See the chart
DHG,   PPI,   SKG,   STG,   ITD,   DIC,   HTI,   SD5,   SAS,   PME,   GIL,   ICF,   SC5,   FUCVREIT,   OPC,   ACC,  
Hanging Man Pattern (Date) 1 Symbol
See the chart
Gravestone Doji Pattern (Date) 9 Symbol
See the chart
HKB,   TOP,   UDC,   PTC,   SDD,   LUT,   MSC,   VAF,   VC9,  
Evening Star Pattern (Date) 1 Symbol
See the chart
Tweezer Tops Pattern (Date) 1 Symbol
See the chart

Engulfing Pattern (Weeks) 0 Symbol
Piercing Pattern (Weeks) 0 Symbol
Harami Pattern (Weeks) 0 Symbol
Hammer Pattern (Weeks) 0 Symbol
Inverted Hammer Pattern (Weeks) 0 Symbol
Dragonfly Doji Pattern (Weeks) 0 Symbol
Morning Star Pattern (Week) 0 Symbol
Tweezer bottoms Pattern (Weeks) 0 Symbol
Bearish Engulfing Pattern (Weeks) 0 Symbol
Dark Cloud Cover Pattern (Weeks) 0 Symbol
Bearish Harami Pattern (Weeks) 0 Symbol
Shooting Star Pattern (Weeks) 0 Symbol
Hanging Man Pattern (Weeks) 0 Symbol
Gravestone Doji Pattern (Weeks) 0 Symbol
Evening Star Pattern (Week) 0 Symbol
Tweezer Tops Pattern (Weeks) 0 Symbol

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